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    2017 Year-End Summary Conference And 2018 Spring Festival Gala
    - Mar 08, 2018 -

    On March 7, Konita held the 2017 year-end summary conference at the multi function hall in the executive building. Chairman Weng Yinqiao, general manager Hu Lingling, Deputy General Manager Tao Ting, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Finance Director Wang changsheng, Deputy Vice President Lu Xiaoyan, Production Minister Wang Jialun, Assistant General Manager Li Shenhua and all staff membera participated in the conference. 

    First, Hu Lingling, General Manager of the company, presented 2017 summary report. The report contains a number of aspects of the company's overall performance in 2017. She also express the company's higher goals in 2018. She states that over the past year, our research and development team through continuous technological innovation has achieved the latest development of KTP-NP-free chemical processing CTP plate for our company to seize, expand the domestic and foreign high-end plate market and provides strong guarantee. In 2018, the company should continuously improve the production management level, speed up the improvement of the management system, talent management mechanism, accelerate product technological innovation, further enhance the Konita brand competitiveness, speed up the breadth and depth of market development, expand export vigorously, deepen internal management reform, improve management efficiency and strengthen financial management.

    Production Minister Wang Jialun gave speech. Wang with a firm attitude believes that Production center will be closely around the company's operating principles in order to improve production efficiency, reduce energy waste, improve product quality and efficiency as a starting point, the overall implementation of production management objectives, tight grasp of safe production is not lax. 

    Chairman Weng Yinqiao made an important speech. First: continue to do a good job in scientific research, master the core competitiveness. Product research and development is the core and origin of the company, is that we occupy the premise of the market, research and development departments must walk in the forefront of science and technology, master the latest scientific and technological developments, industry dynamics, to be sensitive; the second is to open up new sales model, and strive to improve sales performance; third, to continue to consolidate the domestic market to develop foreign markets, Let Konita brand at home and abroad have a certain degree of visibility and reputation; four is to continue to strengthen production management, to maximize yield, increase production value; Five is to do environmental-friendly enterprises, pay attention to safety work, do a good job in the company's environmental protection, the construction of environmentally-friendly enterprises; Six is to do the final sprint, should be listed as the company's current top priority to grasp.

    Weng's speech includes the planning and deployment of the company's future development strategy, also has the company all staff earnest hope, the science and technology innovation is the company sustainable development core impetus, he hoped Konita family can coagulate the heart, togather the strength, the endeavor courageously to undertake the responsibility, can enable the Konita to lead the profession development, realizes the mutual benefit altogether wins.

    (Konita is a CTP plate manufacturer since 1993. Konita specializes in producing Thermal Positive CTP plate, Processless CTP plate, Double Coating CTP, and UV CTCP plate. )


    Konita Spring Gala in the Chau Billion International Hotel.  Chariman Weng sent greetings to Konita staff for the opening of the party and gave a generous speech. This evening's program is wonderful, including dance, games, performance, and a series of wonderful entertaining programs.  We look forward to a brighter 2018.