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    - Feb 27, 2018 -

    On February 26, Zhou Jiangyong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, investigated the development and construction of three major city-level functional platforms.

    Secretary Zhou and his party came to the Minjiang Estuary Industrial Cluster Area, the South Zhejiang Industrial Cluster Area, and the Wenzhou High-tech Zone (Zhenan Science and Technology City) to observe the urban planning and infrastructure construction, the “At Most Run for Once” reform, and the return of the Wenzhou entrepreneur return project. Major inviting project promotion, enterprise transformation and upgrading, listing work, high-tech industry incubation, construction of science and technology financial platform, etc., visited Zhejiang Konita New Materials Co., Ltd., and met with Chairman Weng Yinqiao and General Manager Hu Lingling. We learned in detail about the promotion of our company's listing work and the development of the company's business, and inspected our modern intelligent CTP high-speed assembly line.

    Secretary Zhou fully affirmed the practice of Konita's ability to achieve technological innovation, and raised hopes and requirements for Konita's next development ideas and corporate IPO listing work. Secretary Zhou hopes that Konita tries the best to speed up IPO listing process. Leverage development, lend a ladder, and enhance the core competitiveness and market influence of enterprises.

    High Speed CTP Plate Production Line

    Zhoujiangyong inspected the modern intelligent CTP high speed assembly line