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    - Jul 05, 2017 -

    Konita has always attached great importance to the party building work in this year's "two Learning One" learning and education process, Division I adhere to the "Party Constitution Party rules often learn, important speech in time to learn, the main spirit of repeated learning", every Friday afternoon to take out one hours as a "three sessions," a fixed time, the organization of the topic in-depth study, research and exchange.

    At the same time, the discussion of the meeting formed in the "two Learning One" learning education activities, the list of the initial rectification of the company leadership issues and the corrective measures; organized a meeting on the special study of "Zheng Yi Gate" event, carried out the implementation of the special examination of the party members ' self-study, and discussed the "Thirteen-Five" Planning outline of our party construction work. Our party branch through concentrated learning, urged all party members to cultivate a good atmosphere of learning, diligent learning, good at learning, and constantly update ideas, update knowledge, update methods, promote party members to set an example, maintain and develop the advanced nature of the CPC branch, the centripetal force, cohesion has been further enhanced.

    (Konita is professional in production and sale of CTP plate since 1993. The core products include Thermal Positive CTP plate, Two Layer Coating CTP plate, Processless CTP plate, and UV CTCP plate. )