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    - Feb 06, 2018 -

      On February 5th, Ma Yongliang, Member of Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the Committee and Organization Minister, visited Dr. Tao at Konita. “National Thousand Talents Program” expert Dr.Tao is the CTO and Deputy General Manager of Konita. Chairman Weng Qiaoqiao and Dr. Tao together hosted Minister Ma and his party.

    Minister Ma visited the Science & Technology Center and Production Center at Konita to understand the scientific research achievements of the R&D team led by Dr. Tao. He affirmed the contribution of Konita to the regional economy in recent years. He hoped that Konita continue to increase the pace of bringing in talents, speed up the pace of scientific and technological innovation and research, strengthen the introduction and training of local staff, and strive to make the output value of science and technology products explode. He also pointed out that the government's next step should be combined with the actual development of enterprises and talents. More encouragement and support for newly developed technologies and newly introduced talent teams. After listening to Minister Ma’s speech, Chairman Weng said that in recent years, the government’s policy support to enterprises has become more and more, and the government is more concerned about local enterprises. Through various methods to help enterprises transform and upgrade, Konita’s next step will continue to adhere to the industry, make greater contributions to the regional economy, and train and introduce technical talents as the strategic goal of enterprise development, and promote enterprise development through continuous technological innovation.

    Subsequently, Minister Ma offered a bounty to Dr. Tao on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

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