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    The Catalog introduces Konita's main products include KTP-NP, KTP-SR, KTP-EX, KTP-PT and KLP-UV. KTP-NP plate is our latest developed product, which can be directly exposed without developer. This product can help companies save cost and protect the environment in order to achieve "green" printing. KTP-SR plate is a double-layer coating plate which has strong printing durability and is often used for busy printing environment. KTP-EX has the features of long run performance, quick ink- water balance, clean layout and accurate color reproduction. KTP-PT plate is a cost-effective thermal CTP plate that offers excellent printability and consistent quality. KLP-UV plate is our high-sensitivity positive CTP plate that outputs clear dot and gradation, long run length and so on. They are widely used in commercial printing, newspaper printing and packaging printing.

    You may download Konita Product Catalog here. The catalog contains product technical specifications and company information.